Privacy & Policy

How does the site operate?

  • Doropa is an outstanding business of concessions and discounts that are provided for a bundle of top-rated brands.
  • We offer a bunch of amazing deals on the products of the brands and never compromise on the quality.
  • We have affiliate links for those brands on our site, and if you purchase something using those links, we earn commission on that. It is then used to maintain the efficiency of the site and to provide our customers with outstanding service.
  • When you use our website and submit your personal details, you give your consent to let us process your information for several purposes you’ll be coming across in this policy further.

What is Affiliate Link:

Affiliate links are third party links that a brand provides marketers and influencers to make use of in order to sell their products, by clicking on affiliate links a user is always directed to the main brand/product page. From where they can make the purchase of their desired product, and whilst doing that the user helps in creating a commission for the website on which the links were placed.

Data Protection:

  • All your data is used under the light of legal rules and regulations. You are always given some rights according to which no website or online portal can use your information without your consent.
  • In a case where someone breach this data protection law, you can file a complaint at the information commissioner’s office or to the data protection regulator.
  • In extreme cases, you may also reach out to the court.
  • To get a hold on more information about these laws stating your rights, kindly visit their official websites.

Information Security:

  • As we collect your information at multiple points here on the website, we also ensure to keep your info safe. However, some of that information might get transferred over the internet.
  • Complete security and safety of your data are not guaranteed by the website.
  • We do not pick information about the guest users on our site who are not registered. We only collect their IP address and other session details.
  • We also gather info when you sign up for our newsletters. It is used to provide you with all the latest deals and offers along with some special discounts as well.
  • We may share your information sometimes with our partners and clients for specific purposes. All the info that is shared is never personally identifiable and cannot individualize you.
  • When we partner with certain third parties, we may provide your data to them to provide you with their services. These parties cannot use your data other than for equipping you with those services.

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